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We are a unique company based in Helston, Cornwall that specialises in improving the fitness and well being of dogs and their owners – we have a wide range of services available that not only aim to increase the fitness and well being of our clients but also enrich their lives as well. One & All Dog Fitness was founded by a Dog Trainer with a love of Fitness and a Fitness Trainer with a love of dogs, we decided to combine our passions to create something very special. We believe that fitness classes don’t have to just be for us humans – why should our furry friends miss out on all the fun and health benefits?!

We currently offer Canicross Classes and 1-2-1 sessions, Group Hiking Classes, Dog Parkour Classes, Dog Running Service, Luxury Pet Setting and a 5* Luxury Dog Let Out/Home Visit services.  If you don’t fancy joining in the fun yourself then you can book your dog in to be taken running by us. Most importantly just have fun whilst socialising with your dog and others.

Our Team members love what they do, and we strive to bring you the and your pet the best service possible which is why the whole team is highly trained and knowledgeable and continue to undertake regular CPD training to ensure they stay up to date on all the latest news and information within the pet and fitness industry

Canicross is the sport of cross country running with dogs. Originating in Europe as off-season training for the mushing (sledding) community, it has become popular as a stand-alone sport all over Europe, especially in the UK.

The runner wears a waist belt, the dog a specifically designed harness, and the two are joined by an elastic line that reduces shock to both human and dog when the dog pulls.

Originally canicross dogs were of sledding or spitz types such as the husky or malamute but now all breeds have begun taking part including cross breeds, small terrier breeds to large breeds such as rottweilers and standard poodles. Some breeds are very well suited to not only running and pulling but running at steady pace over a long distance. Canicross encourages owners and their dogs to take part in outdoor activities and meet other like minded individuals to get healthier and fitter which having a wonderful time together.

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