About Us

About Us

One And All Dog Fitness was born out of our combined love of Dogs, Dog Training and fitness.  We first became aware of Canicross many years ago after watching a TV programme which featured it, we then decided that once Otis was old enough we would give it a go ourselves.   We have been fortunate to be taught by and trained with some of the best Canicross athletes in the world and have worked very hard ourselves over the last few years to hone our own skills and qualifications within the dog training and the fitness industry.

Meet the Team

V and Briar


I have spent the last 5 years studying dog training and I have travelled all around the country with my dog Otis going to various courses and seminars to gain different qualifications in dog training.  I have studied various topics of dog training and hold qualifications/certificates in the following topics: scentwork, gundog training, dog and cat behaviour, dog aggression, body language, dog play, dog fitness and dog parkour (plus many more).  I am proud to be able to say that a couple years ago I became a Student member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, this qualification took a lot of hard work, studying and commitment, being a student member of the APDT means that I only train using fair, effective and science based methods.   I hope to one day become a full member of this organisation. I ensure that I remain up to date with training methods by doing regular CPD.

I am also hugely interested in the health and fitness side of training and caring for dogs and regularly attend workshops on nutrition and other health and wellness topics relating to dogs.  My own health and fitness is extremely important to me and I take my dogs health just as seriously as my own. I have been doing Canicross since 2017 with Otis, during this time we have competed in multiple races and completed a course with CaniFit in 2019 to be able to teach Canicross.  There is so much I love about the sport, but I think my favourite thing is being able to share it with my dogs and working as part of a team with them. As well as being a human and a canine first aider I recently qualified as a Mental Health First Aider, this is a topic I am very passionate about.

Dan with Otis


Having been in the fitness industry for the past 6 years, teaching group exercise classes and coaching high-level athletes. I work with an ethos to make fitness fun and accessible for everyone, And love helping people reach their goals and enjoy their training session with me.  I have enjoyed personal success in Kettlebell Sport becoming an English champion in 2018, I became interested in Canicross after getting our German Shorthaired Pointer; Otis and seeing friends compete in the sport. I decided to try a park run with Otis and was hooked on the sport, I love Canicrossing with my best friends and we’ve been lucky enough to enter and win some local Canicross championships in 2018 & 19 seasons. Otis and I are continuing are training together for future seasons and look forward to working with you and helping you reach for your goals.  In 2019 I completed a course with Canifit which enables me to teach Canicross.

Proud Otis


Otis is a German Shorthaired Pointer that we have had since he was a puppy.  He is a wonderful addition to the family and brings us joy everyday.  He is a very smart dog and happy to try his paw at anything, he is good at scent work, Canicross, agility, tricks and dog parkour.   He has won a few medals and trophies for Canicross.  Otis is confident, reliable and steady which makes him a great Canicross coach.



Briar is a rescue dog that came into our lives in October 2019 when he was one year old.  He is gaining more confidence every day that he is with us and is shaping up to be a very happy little dog.  He enjoys a cuddle at every opportunity and loves to run fast, he is very quickly turning into a great running partner.

Team Photo