Canicross Kit List

What Kit do I need?

Kit Loan – During the first 4 week block of classes we can lend you the basic Canicross kit (harness, running belt and bungee line) at no extra cost, but after the first 4 weeks me must charge £1.50 per session for the borrowing of kit.  This is to cover the cost of maintenance and keeping the kit clean.

If you would like to purchase your own kit then we will be happy to advise on this and we have a small selection of items available for sale.  The great thing about having your own kit is that you and your dog have the freedom to canicross together anytime you like, and it also means that you have the necessary kit should you choose to enter any races together. Below is an example of the canicross kit needed.


A Harness designed specifically for Canicross that does not restrict your dog’s movement or their ability to pull.  If you have your own canicross harness then bring it along to class, if not we have a selection of harnesses you can borrow.  Or if you have any questions about harnesses then please feel free to ask us.


Running Belt – A running belt designed for canicross, again if you have your own then bring it along to class, if not we have some available to borrow.

Bungee Lead – A Bungee lead that connects you to the dog.  The bungee acts as a shock absorber. If you have your own then please bring it with you, if not we have them available to borrow.

Poo Bags – Make sure you always bring multiple poo bags with you to classes, and always pick up after your dog.

Trail Shoes – Aside from the harness and running belt a pair of trail shoes is your next most important piece of kit, there are all sorts of options available and it’s worth considering the season you intend to wear them and the surface you’ll be running on.  During winter we’ll mostly be running on soft, wet and muddy terrain so you’ll need a trail shoe that will give you good grip in the mud, and can drain water well. Running shops are a great place to go to get advice on shoes and to try them on to see what fits you best, or do your own research online to find a suitable pair.  If you are wearing shoes that aren’t suitable for the sport you will find you often struggle with grip on certain surfaces or you open yourself up to injury, a normal pair of trainers that are designed for road running will not be suitable. Shoes with running spikes are NOT permitted due to the potential of injury to your dog.

Head torch – A must have for running in the winter! I highly recommend buying a USB rechargable one as these more convenient than a battery powered one and less bulky, but make sure you keep it charged and ready to go.  Look out for the number of lumens, the higher the number the brighter and more powerful the light will be. Try to buy a head torch designed for running as these will be less bulky and are easy to adjust.

High Viz – For safety reasons please ensure you are always wearing at least one item of clothing featuring high viz.  If you are going to be joining the classes that run in the dark then the more high Viz the better!

Waterproof Jacket – We plan on running in all weather (as long as it  is safe to do so) so this means you’ll need a thin waterproof or water resistant jacket.  Try to buy one designed for running as it will be thin and not bulky, I recommend looking out for one with Zip up pockets to store your car key and poo bags in.

Active wear – please wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, but be mindful you will be getting wet and muddy.  Wearing multiple thin layers on cold weather is good as you can remove layers as you warm up.

(One for the Ladies) A Well Fitting Sports Bra – It really is worth taking the time to find a good sports bra – you will not regret it! There are some really great ones out there and they don’t have to be expensive.  Some of the best ones I have ever bought have cost less than £10.00. Do a bit of research to find one that is the right fit for you, a well fitting bra will make running far more enjoyable.

Mobile Phone – Just in case of any emergencies!

If you have any questions or would like some advise on kit then please feel free to get in contact with us and we will be happy to help