About Canicross

Canicross is a trail running sport for you and your dog.  Your dog wears a specially designed harness that allows them to move freely and pull in front of you. This is attached to a running belt worn around your hips via a bungee lead. It is a sport suitable for people of all running and fitness abilities, catering for people who can run 5k easily to those who have never run in their life. It is also suitable for all breeds of dogs.

We don’t let the dark evenings or wet weather hold us back either, in fact, the perfect time for canicross is during the winter months. Classes will still run in the dark and in most weather conditions, all you need is a bright head torch, suitable clothing and footwear and you are good to go.

You will have the safety of running in a group and your dog will be attached to you at all times. This makes for a safe and fun way for both you and your dog to exercise together during winter.

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Canicross is suitable for all breeds of dogs, but dogs must be older than 12 months before they start the sport to allow their growth plates to be fully formed.

Our coaches are trained in Human and Canine First Aid. As well as having various dog training and behaviour qualifications along with numerous Human Fitness qualifications. We continue to take ongoing CPD to improve the knowledge and services that we offer.

We are Fully Insured with Cliverton Insurance.

Benefits of Canicross:

  • A safer way of exercising both you and your dog during the winter and dark evenings as you are part of a group
  • Your dog is attached to you so you don’t have to worry about where they are or what they are doing – perfect for dogs that cannot be let off lead
  • Great for weight loss and building strength and endurance in both you and your dog.  Obesity is on the rise in dogs in the UK, canicross will help to keep your dog fit and healthy.
  • Its well known that running is good for your physical health and mental health – the same is true for dogs – they also experience the ‘runners high’ that you experience after a run.
  • Perfect way of exercising dogs that cannot be let off lead or are reactive on lead
  • Suitable for any breed of dog
  • Suitable for dogs that need space from other dogs
  • Canicross is perfect for high energy dogs, not only will it physically tire them out but it will be mentally enriching for them, which is equally important.
  • Build a strong bond with your dog as you work together as a team
  • Dogs love to run they get so much enjoyment from it
  • Safe in the knowledge that our coaches are Canine First Aid trained and have undertaken courses in Teaching Canicross and are experienced Canicross runners themselves
  • Meet new people and make new friends by training as part of a group
  • Set yourself goals and targets and push yourself outside of your comfort zone as you and your dog smash those goals together
  • Running is a brilliant way to de-stress for both you and your dog

Canicross is a fast-growing sport in the UK and there are frequent events held across the country. Having a race or a goal to work towards to is really helpful and they are really fun. Everyone at Canicross races is always very welcoming and friendly. So if you think you would like to try an organised race with your dog then we are also able to help you to train for that.

The Class

Our classes or 1-2-1’s last for one hour and this time includes a briefing, a warm-up and a warm down. We will be training you to be able to run 5 kilometres with your dogs over various terrains of varying complexity. Please don’t think that you have to be an experienced runner to be able to join in the fun, we are able to cater for all abilities and beginners are very much encouraged and welcomed.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer a friendly and fun class where nobody is ever left behind.

We ask that if you are borrowing equipment from our coaches that you arrive 15 minutes early to class to allow time to fit the equipment to yourself and your dog.

Mixed Ability Canicross Classes

Sunday 8.30 AM

Penrose, Helston

Thursday 7.30 PM

Tehidy, Camborne

If you would like to book any of our services then please get in touch via email,  Facebook Messenger or the ‘Contact Us‘ Section of our website.

To secure your booking we do require payment in advance.  Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, Cash.