Christmas Gifts For The Canicross Lover In Your Life

Canicross Christmas

When it comes to Christmas some people can be tough to buy for.  However, if that person happens to be a Canicross lover then your gift buying has just got a little easier.  Spoil your loved ones, your Canicross loving pooch or treat yourself with our Canicross Lovers Christmas Gift Guide.   

This blog post contains links to all of the recommended products – just click on the subject header or words that are coloured blue to be taken to the website that sells the product. All the products in this blog have been purchased by ourselves and are used regularly and we do not receive any payment for including them in this blog, we just love them.

Canicross Gift Guide

Trail Running Shoes (suitable for winter conditions):

Running on trails gives you the opportunity to get away from it all, and enjoy the nature around you, but to really enjoy these runs you need the right kind of footwear, the fun of Canicross running can all disappear if you are slipping on mud or rolling your ankle in the middle of nowhere. 

We talk about shoes ALOT, but that’s only because they are so important.  We recommend having at least 2 pairs of trail running shoes, one for summer conditions and one for winter conditions, trail shoes for winter need to provide you with great grip in mud. 

Look at the sole of the shoe – trail running shoes should have more and deeper lugs (the knobbly bits on the bottom of the shoe) than road running shoes.  Usually, the deeper the lug the grippier the shoe will be in muddy conditions. 

If you have a big dog or one that pulls hard you will find you will go through shoes quite quickly, always keep an eye on the level of tread you on your shoes and be prepared to replace them once the tread starts wearing down.

One of our favourite trail running shoes brands is Inov8, they make hard-wearing shoes that are very popular within the Canicross world.

Always consider the surface you will be running on with your dog, if you’ll be running in muddy conditions then consider investing in the Inov8 Mudclaws or the Inov8 X-Talons, both offer great grip in mud. 

Invo8 Trail running shoes suitable for Canicross in winter
Our Favourite Inov8 Trail shoes for Winter

It’s not one size fits all when it comes to shoes, everyone’s feet are different, so it’s worth doing the research before investing in trail running shoes.  If you go to a running shop always make sure that you tell the salesperson that these shoes will be used for Canicross and that they need to be hard-wearing and have great grip – Canicross is very different to normal trail running, so ensure that the sales person understands this.

Race Magnets:

These magnets allow you to securely attach your race number to your top without the use of safety pins.  This means no more poking holes in your favourite tops, or pricking your fingers with the pin.

Race magnets
Race Magnets mean you can say goodbye to safety pins

Ruff & Tumble Drying Coat:

A drying coat is a perfect way to dry soggy dogs after a tough Canicross run or walk and keep their muscles warm.  When you get back after your run, simply use a towel to remove the worst of the mud and water then slip them into the drying coat, not only does the coat absorb moisture it also saves your car or house from getting dirty. 

Canicross Dogs love the Ruff & Tumble drying coat
Soggy Dogs love the Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats

Mud Mate:

It’s a nifty little brush that attaches onto a bottle which you fill with water and then use to scrub your shoes/bike. So far we are really impressed with this little gadget, and our dirty shoes have come up really well (even a pair of White trail shoes have come up incredibly well).

Our favourite things about the Mud Mate are that it’s actually quite reasonably priced, it is an effective and convenient way to clean off your shoes or bike after use and it lets you repurpose used plastic bottles – the bigger the bottle you attach it to the more water you have to clean with, so far we are really happy with our purchase and it will certainly be using it after classes and taking it along to races with us.  

Mud Mate is great for cleaning Canicross Trail running shoes
Mud Mate makes cleaning Dirty shoes a doddle

Fast Dog Recovery Biscuits:

We always recommend that you do not feed your dogs for at least a couple of hours before running with them, and waiting at least an hour after running with them, but if you would like to give your dog a treat after class then The Fast Dog Recovery Biscuits are a great option.  These biscuits are homemade and they contain ingredients that help provide optimal recovery for your dog’s muscles after intensive exercise. We buy ours from Peppers Natural Pets Pantry.

Fast Dog Recovery Biscuits
Fast Dog Recovery Biscuits are a favourite in our house

Head Torch:

A good head torch is a must for winter, we really recommend buying a USB rechargeable one, and one that is specially designed for runners as these will be less bulky, highly adjustable and more comfortable.

We are big fans of head torches from Decathlon, but our favourite is the Evadict Head torch as it is very bright (300 Lumens) Perfect for lighting up the trails for you and your dog, and its reasonably priced too.

Head Torch for Canicross
The Evadict Headtorch from Decathlon is a great choice for Canicross

Road Refresher Non Spill Dog Bowl:

It’s really important that your dog has access to clean water and is able to re-hydrate themselves after a Canicross run, and this Road Refresher Non Spill Dog Bowl is perfect to keep in the car as it really helps eliminate spills and pet slobber.  We keep ours topped up all the time and because it’s non-spill we don’t need to worry about emptying it out before driving.

Pet First Aid Kit:

A well equipped First Aid kit is a must for any pet parent, not just a Canicross lover. Any First Aid Kit is handy, but we really love this one – it’s great quality and contains essential items for use in emergencies.  Fingers crossed you will never have to use it, but it’s still handy to in the car.  The Globetrotter Pet First Aid Kit is from a local company also based in Cornwall, we love to support local businesses.

First Aid Kit for Canicross
The Globetrotter Pet First Aid Kit is well equipped

Westpaw Toppl – Interactive Puzzle Toy/Feeder:

The Toppl is an interactive feeder and boredom busting dog toy.  As much as my Dogs enjoy a Kong Toy I feel that these are far superior – they are easier to stuff with food and (more importantly) easier to clean after use.

I like to stuff these with the dog’s food and freeze or make dog-friendly ice cream in the summer.  I will also be using these on Christmas Day to stuff full of Dog-Friendly ingredients for them to eat while we have our Dinner

 Any dog would enjoy the challenge of the Westpaw Toppl as chewing, chomping and licking helps promote relaxation in dogs and gives their jaws a good work out, as well as their brain.

WestPaw Topl
WestPaw Toppl is a great brain buster toy for dogs

Dicky Bag:

The Dicky Bag is a Neoprene Bag specially designed for holding Dog Poop until we can dispose of it in a bin.  So no more carrying a smelly bag of poop in your pocket or in your hands while running (which is just asking for trouble).  It even features a handle which means you can even attach it to your running belt to enable you to run hands-free, it comes in various sizes and colours so there is one to suit all dog owners 

We’ve had ours for almost 8 years and it’s still going strong.  The Dicky Bag is made by a Cornish company which is another reason that we love it so much.

A Sports Massage: 

Canicross is tough on the body, so the gift of a sports massage would likely go down a treat this Christmas, find a Sports Massage Therapist that is local to you and see if you can purchase a voucher.  You could even go all out and purchase a massage for your Dog, although you may need permission from your vet before your dog can receive massage therapy.        

This blog post contains links to all of the recommended products – just click on the subject header or words that are coloured blue to be taken to the website that sells the product. All the products in this blog have been purchased by ourselves and are used regularly and we do not receive any payment for including them in this blog, we just love them.

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up of Christmas Gifts for Canicross lovers, and have managed to find a gift that your loved ones or your pets will enjoy this Christmas. If there are any products you feel that aren’t on this list that should be please feel free to let us know, we especially love championing and supporting other local businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

We wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Happy Christmas