Please see below for information on the prices and services that we offer. If you have any queries about any of the services available then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will happy to help you.

For Dog and Owner – Teamwork makes the Dream work

Group Canicross Class

This is a group class with other people and their dogs. We’ll work on the technique and skills needed for the sport and will gradually build up the fitness levels of you and your dog. Canicross is so much fun and will help you create a strong bond with your dog whilst improving fitness. This includes a warm up and warm down.

£6.50 per Class

Canicross 1-2-1 or Introduction to Canicross

You and your dog will have our undivided attention. We will work on teaching the techniques and skills required for the sport. Also includes a warm up and warm down. For Personal Safety reasons 1-2-1’s are only available during daylight hours.

£25 per Dog, per Hour

Dog Parkour – Coming Soon!

Dog Parkour is a new and exciting dog sport, where it can be done for fun or earn titles.  Often known as ‘Urban Agility’ it encourages dogs to engage in their environment and have fun with their owner.  It is physically and mentally challenging for dogs as it involves movements such as jumping, balancing, climbing, stretching and weaving through the use of natural and man made obstacles.  Its a brilliant workout for our dogs and a great way to build confidence, strength, muscle tone and fitness and increases body awareness.  It is suitable to all dogs of all ages and fitness levels and abilities

Price – TBC

Just For Dogs

Solo Dog Adventure – Canicross or Hike

This is a service that we offer where we canicross run or hike your dog for you. We will pick your dog up and transport them safely to a suitable location, they will be fitted with an appropriate harness for canicross or hiking and we will take them running or hiking for you. We will gradually build up to running longer distances. This is a great alternative to group dog walks for many reasons.

£20 per Dog, per Hour

  • Your dog will either be the only dog that we run or may be ran with one other dog & human (one of our coaches and the coaches own dog).
  • They will get our undivided attention during their time with us. Your dog will be treated as an individual and we can tailor the service to suit their needs and fitness levels.
  • Canicross is perfect for high energy dogs, not only will it physically tire them out but it will be mentally enriching for them, which is equally important.
  • It will give your dog a job to do.
  • Your Dog will be wearing a harness and attached to us at all times which means you will not have to worry about their safety.
  • Canicross is a really great way to exercise dogs that are not able to be let off leads
  • Dogs love to run they get so much enjoyment from it.
  • Suitable for all dogs of all breeds. Suitable for dogs that need space from other dogs
  • Safe in the knowledge that our coaches are Canine First Aid trained and have undertaken courses in Teaching Canicross and are experienced in Canicross runners themselves. One of our coaches has also undertaken many dog training and behaviour courses – they are in very safe, knowledgeable and qualified hands.
  • Help your dog to get fitter and possibly lose a little weight

We do not recommend that your dog takes part in these sessions on consecutive days, it is physically and mentally challenging and therefore they will need a rest from canicross or hiking to allow adequate recovery.

If you would like to book any of our services then please get in touch via email,  Facebook Messenger or the ‘Contact Us‘ Section of our website.

To secure your booking we do require payment in advance.  Payment can be made via Cash, Bank Transfer, or Paypal